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Dental Practice

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Dental Practice

Český Krumlov

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Dental Practice

Český Krumlov

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Our dental practice offers a complete range of dental services for both adult patients and children. We provide our patients with complete preventive care, including regular examinations, and we do our best to ensure that their teeth stay in perfect shape. We specialize in conservative dentistry, endodontics, implantology and prosthetics and we offer complete treatment in all these areas. Even patients that take very good care of their teeth come to us with a problem occasionally and we always approach these problems calmly and make sure that the patient feels safe in our office. If the treatment in question isn’t completely painless, we use local anestheticsso that the pain is eliminated and the treatment can go through without any problems. In some cases we also use analgosedation before the procedure.

We keep in mind that both adult patients and children may experience a small degree of pain during the visit and are often under stress. That is why we consider it necessary to gain our patients’ trust – that is the case especially with children. We believe that we are good at it and that we succeed in calming down especially the smallest of our patients so that the next time they come to our office it is with much less stress.

At our office we work with modern technology and we use safe, high quality materials.

Our laboratory is equipped with a top-class intraoral scanner Medit i500. Thanks to this device, digital scanning is very accurate, safe for the patient as comfortable as possible.

We support the Mountain Guides Association.

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