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Implantology is a field of study that deals with the application of biocompatible material on the surface of the bone or straight into the upper or lower jaw bone. A dental implant is designed to replace a missing tooth or all of the teeth at once. After the application of the implant both the function and the original appearance of the teeth is recovered. For the application of an implant the patient should come to the dentist’s office with a perfectly clean oral cavity, ideally with prior help from a dental hygienist so that the teeth are free from tooth decay, plaque and tartar.

In dental implantology, the most important aspect is the right choice of material. Such material must be harmless, nontoxic and free of antigens. It should also be stable, not disturb the metabolism and cause the organism to react to a foreign body. As far as its mechanical properties are concerned, it should be solid, stable and must not cause excessive pressure and tension in the jaw.

If the patient decides for an implant, be it for aesthetic or personal reasons, he or she needs to be aware that good oral care is not enough: it must be perfect. Otherwise they may soon lose an expensive and beautiful smile.

Before the performance the patient should have something to eat and not come on an empty stomach. If the patient takes any medication, he / she should take those that they use regularly with them. They must not wear any jewellery or makeup. Furthermore, the company of another adult on the way home is often required.   



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